We understand the tremendous challenges faced by chemical companies today. World-wide producers need access to companies like MCS that provide a comprehensive package that includes both products and services.

bridgeWith our expertise, we bridge the gap between the chlor-alkali facility and demands of customers in the calcium chloride market. Most chlor-alkali producers in the world do not understand the calcium chloride market. We guide you through the complete process so you understand the calcium chloride markets, pricing, competitive situation and the economics of your investment. This unconventional approach to solving your problems requires an experienced team of experts to guide you to tremendous profitability.

With the purchase of one of our modular calcium chloride units, MCS offers resources to support your financially successful project!

Our services include:

Lab Testing

Our lab has the capability of conducting ICP analysis, chemical reaction testing and final product testing. We will conduct a thorough test on your raw materials so we can customize the process to meet your needs. Lab testing insures that you provide industry specific calcium chloride!

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Market Research

MCS recognizes that we are working with clients who have limited knowledge about the calcium chloride market and its applications. MCS has process engineers, market experts and industry analysts with over 100 years of experience in the calcium chloride market. MCS’s market knowledge and calcium chloride expertise is the best commercially available in the world!

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Financial Modeling

With inputs that include operating costs and pricing assumptions, we help you develop your project. With this model, together we can help you put together a plan that assists with your management decision-making.

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Purchase or Lease

MCS offers client financing options so you can get started immediately. Our financial options allow you to put a down payment on the process equipment and for us to lease you the equipment over an agreed upon time period.

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