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Modular Chemical Systems (“MCS”) strongly believes pre-engineered, modular chemical processes will provide many consumers the ability to produce commodity chemicals at an economic price. The combination of using proven technology with low capital investment allows users at all levels of production to produce and market commodity chemicals in their local region. Historically, commodity chemicals required large scale facilities to take advantage of their scales of economy. In today’s world, commodity chemicals are faced with increased costs for distribution, packaging, warehousing and regulations. Furthermore, the inefficiency of using one or more chemical distributors increases the cost to the end consumer.

MCS recognizes the value of installing affordable, modular chemical processes close to the customer. The smaller units are able to compete with the large scale facilities by eliminating most of the logistics costs and allow you as a producer to work directly with the end user lowering the overall delivered cost.

MCS provides you with the complete package including the process design, equipment, marketing package with potential customers and a robust financial model. Our first product series is a calcium chloride modular facility capable of consuming excess chlorine from chlor-alkali plants so they can increase their caustic soda sales.

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