Below are some common applications for Calcium Chloride:

Market Use
Agriculture • Inexpensive source of soluble calcium in animal feed additives

• Prevents drying out of fertilizers

Air and Gases • Drying Compound
Cement • Additive in kiln feed or fuel to volatilize alkalis in Portland cement, eliminating alkali-silica reactions in finished concrete
Ceramics • Glazing ingredient

• Reduces porosity

Chemical Manufacture • Inexpensive source of calcium for calcium salts and alloys

• Phosphor manufacture

• Lowers molten bath temperature in sodium and magnesium production

• Precipitating agent in glycerol manufacture

• Lithium, barium and ammonium chloride

• Production of many calcium compounds, e.g. calcium soaps and calcium cyanide, arsenate, fluoride, peroxide, phosphate, stearate, tungstate and tetraborate

• Precipitating agent and de-aerator for dyes

Construction • Concrete Additive to accelerate set in cold weather

• Improves compaction of soil during construction

• Improves traction by increasing tire weight

Dehumidification • Drying of air in stores, plants and other facilities
Dehydration • Drying of industrial gases and natural gas for pipeline transmission
Detergent • Controls density in fabric softener concentrates
Electronics • Reacts with phosphor to form a white coating inside fluorescent bulbs and TV screens
Energy • Heat storage compound
Fertilizers • Removes fluoride in processing phosphate rock
Fire protection • Antifreeze solution in fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems
Food processing • Firming agent in pickling and canning fresh fruits and vegetables

• Adjusts water hardness in beverage production

• Precipitates milk and hastens curdling in cheese production

• Calcium replacement in cheese

• Gel depressant

Forest products • Base stabilization to increase payloads
Glass and Ceramics • Fluoride removal
Heat Treating • Salt used in heat treating
Metals • Furnace additive in steel and iron manufacture to eliminate the alkalis that attack refractory and form alkali scale and scaffolding

• Removes fluorides in finishing and electroplating

• Removes fluorides in steel manufacturing

• Recovers tungsten from scrap

• Refine tungsten bearing ores

• Leach copper ores by chloride roasting

• A heat treating salt for hardening specialty steels

Medical • Freeze point depressant in cold pack dressings

• Provides heat in hot pack compresses through its heat of solution

Mining • Freezeproofing and thawing agent for coal, ore, coke, gravel, and sand piles

• Adds flame resistance to brattice cloth used in mine ventilation

• Controls dust on haul roads

• Controls dust in handling of coal and ores

Paper manufacture • Provides artificial water hardness to improve the web strength of corrugating board

• Source of calcium ions in de-inking recycled paper

• Improves drainage

Petroleum • Increases density of oil well completion and workover fluids

• Accelerates set of concrete used to finish oil wells

• Drilling mud additive to reduce shale hydration and increase mud density

• Absorbs water from petroleum distillates

Plastics • Suspending agent in suspension polymerization of various plastics

• Controls size of polymer particles

Railroad maintenance • Prevents weed killer from drying out and becoming flammable
Refrigeration • Lowers the freezing point of brine
Rubber • Coagulant for latex
Solar heating • Heat storage medium in solution
Tire weighting • Improves traction in off-road tires
Wastewater Treatment • Removes fluoride by precipitation

• Breaks emulsions in oily waste

• Densifies floc to remove silicates

• Removes fluorides and phosphorous

Water Treatment • Remineralizes calcium poor water or desalinated water

• Aids coagulation

• Removes excess alkalinity

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