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You are most likely financially capable of purchasing the MCS technology. Growth projects typically require tremendous technical resources and cash prior to making an investment. MCS has structured the calcium chloride experience so you require limited engineering for installation, you are able to quickly understand the calcium chloride market, competitors and customers and you have a financial model to guide you through the investment process.

We are excited to also offer you a lease program so your monthly commitment for our lease will be covered by the profits generated from the calcium chloride sales and from increased caustic sales. After your down payment, you will be cash flow positive for the remainder of the program.

We provide flexible financing terms based on the credit worthy of the customer. We provide 5,7 and 9 year leases.

Whether you purchase or lease our equipment, we strongly believe that you will have returns greater than 20%, in most cases as high as 35%.

Returns are measured on an internal rate of return before taxes.

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