Liquid Process With No Air Emissions


Complete process from the production of CaCl2 solution, through its concentration, to the final product.

HCl and Lime Reaction (Ca (OH)2)

  • 38% Liquid
  • 38% liquid and 94-97% Pellets.

Advantage: HCl and Lime process offers the ability to process the HCl without CO2 emissions.

Chemical Reaction

HCl + Ca(OH)2CaCl2 + H20

As a customer, you may select to purchase our modular calcium chloride package using hydrated lime so you can get started with limited environmental permitting because the chemical reaction has no air or liquid emissions. The solids emissions are minor and non-hazardous. The raw material, lime does increase your operating costs however compared to using limestone. Our financial model does show that your investment still provides strong financial returns.

We designed the modular package so you can convert from an HCl / lime reaction to an HCl / limestone reaction for a nominal cost. You as a customer can first purchase the HCl / lime process while obtaining the environmental permit for the use of limestone. At the appropriate time, MCS will convert your process to the lower cost operation, HCl / limestone.

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